Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Ugley Vicar varifies Sydney Anglicans brought their misogeny to the UK after women were ordained in Australia.

That Ugley Vicar really doesn't like women vicars does he?
The Ugley Vicar (as posted on the Anglican Church League website) attributes the rise in UK Anglican bigots to two well known Sydney homophobic misogynists known as John Chapman (Chappo) and David Petersen of Liberty Christian Ministries Inc fame. Chappo is well known for his knowledge of human sexuality as evidenced in his quote... If you muck around with the proper ordering of the proper context of human sexuality, such as the asymmetrical order between man and woman, grounded in creation, then you end up mucking around with sexuality.(Australian Church Record . Two Sides of the Coin. June 2008)

The Ugley Vicar goes on to say... Although these Australians sometimes gave the impression that Evangelicalism was just as much embattled in Sydney as elsewhere, nothing could have been further from the truth. Rather, in Sydney, Anglican structures and evangelical theology had reached a happy synthesis in a way far beyond the experience, or even the grasp, of most Englishmen.

No one told us that Sydney Anglican were ruthless in opposing feminism and there was no synthesis but the purging of those who believed in equality! Seems like the Ugley Vicar likes ruthless leadership when he says... Our problem is, as much as anything, a problem of leadership — local and national.

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