Friday, July 15, 2011

Phillip Jensen states that same-sex marriage will undermine heterosexual marriage and the family unit!

Phillip Jensen states that...So now again we have a minority wishing to address their problems by changing the nature of marriage. The homosexual community is a much smaller minority, than those who were seeking easier divorce and they are not facing legal or financial discrimination, for their issues have all been dealt with in recent legislation. Their motivation for changing marriage is to gain social acceptance of their lifestyle.However, such a change is self-defeating as it will only further diminish the distinctive value of marriage and its place in society. It will not immediately change our relationship with our spouse, but over time it will further erode the fundamental place that family life has in our nation. It is a further rejection of the Christian culture but it is also, and more importantly for our parliamentarians, a further undermining of the family structure on which all stable societies are built.

He concludes by saying... Here then is a great paradox. At this time when the community has, by simplifying divorce, so redefined marriage as to say that it is of no real value (“only a piece of paper”), some people feel their relationship will only gain value if it is recognized as a marriage.

I'm with you Phillip... only my relationship is worthy of marriage; and let's not mention the neglected and abused children who come from heterosexual relationships and marriages!

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