Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sydney Anglican Network Portal welcomes you to 'Propaganda and Prejudice'... hosted by Peter Jensen

Sydney Anglicans have signed up for a new game show called  'Propaganda and Prejudice'. The concept has arisen from a series of articles posted on their website. 'Propaganda  and Prejudice' involves the gathering together of  some of the world's most divisive prejudical bigots, who are currently being housed in England. Well known extremist group, Anglican Mainstream, is playing host, but the group performs under the strict guidance of failed  entrepreuner and gambler, Peter Jensen. Jensen and his allies are out to destroy the world-wide Anglican Church by modelling it off the Sydney diocese...no money, no gays and no uncomplementry women. These extremists have all been carefully screened to ensure that they are free from any mistakenly Christian traits such as love, fellowship, empathy and compassion. They must also be able to manipulate and stretch the truth through the use of illogical arguments; the omission facts; declaration of black to be white; promotion of heresy as punishable offense; and the use of bigotry as a mandatory practice.

Question 1. What should you do when you want to cause offense, divide a  community and  promote hatred?
Answer...Turn up where you are not wanted.

Question 2. What should you do when someone asks you about your respect for a leader of an organisation?
Answer... Say you didn't know the organisation had a leader and then politick for a leader in a position that doesn't exist!

Question 3. What do you do when the leader you favour is well known for being homophobic; has remained silent about the persecution of GLBTI people in his country; and is described as brutish for his angry outbursts?
Answer....Detract from his bigotry by pulling the race card!

Question 4.  What do you do when your homophobic bigotry is confirmed as bigotry by others?
Answer... Argue that you are not a bigot because those who are different can be changed into bigots just like you.

Question 5. What if you can't change others into bigots?
Answer... Threaten to sue claiming the prevention of your bigotry is impinges on your human right to harm others, or boycott them.

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