Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sydney Anglican,David Palmer, attends the Atheist Convention in Melbourne...incognito... and what's more survived to tell the tale!

David Palmer's article was posted on the Sydney Anglican network Portal as breaking news. David says...Last Friday I wrote that I was disappearing Daniel like into the cavernous space of the lions’ den also known as the Melbourne’s Convention Centre. Well, I survived, I kept my anonymity, but truth to tell it was a close run thing when PZ Myers likened Christians to sheep and Atheists to wolves and then to thunderous applause from the 4,000 wolves present, warned that the eyes and claws of all those wolves were upon the sheep present.

Say Bill...I knows how that David fella feels. I once accidently walked into a den full of Sydney Anglican she-wolves and alpha males... all hellbent on destroying women and gays. They mistook me for them that they were huntin' ...when all I was doing was looking for a bit of help in handling a situation. Geeze Bill they're vicious ...tear you apart if you get in their way!

Yes Calam... I disguised myself as a Sydney Anglican and attended the 2008 synod... they were wantin' to boycott Lambeth because of some gay bishop named Gene Robinson. Well Calam... I was glad to get out of there. They were all salivating just looking for a chance to attack if someone spoke out in protest ...but you know what Calam...I'd be scared to speak up too unless I carried my six shooters and then they'd still surround you!

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