Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sydney Anglican Sandy Grant and RC Archbishop George Pell can't agree on God ... yet these fundamentalists ridicule Richard Dawkins!

The Anglican Church League website posts an article written by Sydney Anglican Sandy Grant. Sandy is critiquing Cardinal Pell's comments in the Q&A Program ... a debate with well known atheist Richard Dawkins. Sandy says that Pell is creedally orthodox, and conservative on personal and sexual ethics.

...Yes but Pell is not as orthodox as Sydney Anglicans!

Sandy is very unhappy at having Pell as a spokesman for biblical Christianity. Sandy wanted Peter Jensen but he is overseas extending his homophobia and sexism agenda. Sandy says that Pell managed to... insult the Jewish people, question the existence of Adam and Eve as merely mythological, forget whether or not God actually inscribed the Ten Commands for Moses (it’s Exodus 24:12, 31:18, George!), stated that atheists can certainly go to heaven, and pushed the unbiblical ideas of purgatory and transubstantiation (that the bread and wine of Holy Communion literally turn into Christ’s body and blood, but don’t taste any different).
I dunno Ennis... these orthodox Christians reckon were confused about things... being gay and all ...but these guys can't agree on what they believe yet they know what's wrong with us!

Yes Jake and conservatives have the hide to criticise Dawkins!


  1. Cardinal Pell is a wicked heretic for suggesting my naked forebears Adam & Eve didn't exist. Darwin and Dawkins are wrong. My grandfather did NOT have sex with a monkey - although it was just with a silly woman.

  2. No one has ever welcomed me anywhere before.