Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Anglican Church League posts an article which asks the question... Can banning things lead to tolerance?

The intolerant Anglican Church League which is well known for banning women from speaking before men in church; banning gays within the church; banning gays and from employment within the Sydney diocese and beyond;banning women from seeking ordination, and so on ...have posted an article about London being intolerant of intolerance. The article asks ... Can banning things lead to intolerance...and does repression really a masquerade as unlimited tolerance? The article poses some questions about how
Christians should respond when they receive unjust bans:
1. try to find a credible political party to vote for...one that promotes prejudice
2. argue your point of view in the media... like Anglican Mainstream
3. prosecute and sue your way to justice... like Anglican Mainstream
4. suffer injustice and misrepresentation like Jesus did, and GLBTI people and women have done for years.
Ennis... I reckon I could help them Christians out...I've got a PhD in injustice and misrepresentation

And I'd be happy to help because I know all about unlimited tolerance

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