Saturday, April 28, 2012

Medical sexpert, Haydn Sennitt of Liberty Christian Ministries Inc fame gears up for what Haydn describes as a pastoral journey around unwanted same-sex attraction

Everyone knows that Sydney Anglicans don't want same-sex attraction around their churches. People who are same-sex attracted are nothing but evil...just like Gollum!

Haydn writes...If you do pastoral work full-time or part-time, provide counseling, or are a layperson who wants to help others, you may find yourself encountering people with unwanted same-sex attractions. What do you say? Do you just go to the Bible? What do you do? Liberty has prepared a Pastoral Journey as a resource for you to use. This is a guide for reflecting on biblical passages and praying together and is for discipleship rather than a professional counseling resource. Haydn Sennitt our Pastoral Worker will explain how to use it and you will be given a sample copy at an afternoon conference on June 5th. David Peterson, who chairs the Liberty Committee, will also speak on ‘Renewing Hearts and Minds’. •Venue: Illoura, Darling St. Anglican Church (85 Darling Street, Balmain East) •Cost: $30 per head •Date: Tuesday, 5th of June, 2012 •Time: 2-5pm •RSVP: as soon as possible, by the 22nd of May at the latest. Please email the Liberty office at or contact us at 9818-8111.
I've been transformed since Haydn's been reflecting on biblical passages and we've been praying together...pretty soon those Sydney Anglicans will accept me! I can't wait to hear David Peterson talk about renewing his heart and  mind... 'cause I never knew he had a heart.

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