Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sydney Anglican David Mansfield asks... "What would Jesus Drive?"

Sydney Anglican David Mansfield asks what would Jesus the great warrior-king drive today? David asks...Would it be a BMW or a Benz? A Commodore or a Kombi? A Gemini or a Getz?..Perhaps it would depend on the kind of ministry Jesus was involved in if he came in the age of the automobile. What kind of wheels would have most helped his ministry?

Well the only way I'd be recognised by a Sydney Anglican Evangelical would be to drive a wooden cross with GUILT and SHAME number plates... and bumper stickers plastered all over it with slogans ...GOD HATES GAYS and AMBITIOUS WOMEN WHO WANT TO BE ORDAINED ! ... Oh I think someone already drives a vehicle like that!


  1. Jesus drove around on His ass. It is ungodly and unbiblical to suggest he had a set of wheels. He did NOT have any sexual relations with His ass.

  2. Lisa as a fundamentalist would it be fair to say that the Bible tells us that Jesus' lack of interest in zoophilia meant he was straight? But how can you be sure because I don't think they had zoos back then?

  3. Don't be stupid, Calamity. Noah started a Zoo on his Ark. Where do you think kangaroos come from?