Friday, April 13, 2012

Phillip Jensen explains why people no longer go to church.

A journalist asked of a church patron... Do you think people have stopped coming to church because they have internalised their faith?... And Phillip Jensen responded by saying... It is a matter of great sadness that some Christian families endure: seeing their children unable to connect with the church youth group or continue with church going. As young adults they profess to still believe, but they just don’t feel part of the fellowship and cannot relate to church. Sometimes it is an event that causes a rift – a broken romance or an unkind word. Sometimes it is a failure to identify with a peer group – “none of my friends go to church” or “the youth group are all nerds”. Sometimes the church group is closed and cliquey, only really welcoming of people who can score amazingly good HSC results. Whatever the reason, wandering away from Christian fellowship can be matched by internalizing faith in Jesus.

Gee Bert... I thought people were turning away from the church because of the sexism and homophobia preached by fundamentalists...but it's really all about the HSC marks with Sydney Anglicans!

So Ernie... Does that mean that you have to take Adam and Eve literally, believe in complementarianism and submission of women, and oppress gays leaving them jobless get top marks in the HSC?

Well Adam ... it will help when creationism becomes part of the school curriculum!


  1. EVERYONE is welcome to come and hear my wonderful sermons - without discrimination. (We don't allow gays to attend, women to speak, the Bishop of Gippsland to darken the doors, Rev David Head and Rowan Williams are banned along with American heretics and Sydney Gay Pride marchers). I love almost EVERYBODY.

  2. I felt the I was identified as the worst type of female specimen: an intelligent woman, a critical thinker and a medical professional, that was the basis of my exclusion. Sydney Anglicans hardly value secular educational attainment...