Monday, April 30, 2012

Sydney Anglican Nicky Lock asks... What do you do with people who are different from me?

Well that's easy Nicky... if you're a Sydney Anglican you segregate ... you sort them into male and female...and those that don't fit you **** of, or cure them.
Not much has changed over the years Rosie, except them Synod fellas of  the 80s often recommended scalping for those who didn't fit the Sydney Anglican mould...scalping below the belt if you get their gist!

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  1. People who are not like me are WICKED SINNERS. God and I set the highest moral standards and don't allow into Church smelly liberals, homos, Anglicans, uppity women, Rowan Williams, all American Episcopalians, clergy from Gippsland and anyone else not a Baptist.