Saturday, April 21, 2012

58% of Australians responded in favour of marriage equality

The Sydney Star Observer reports that over 120,000 people have voted in favour of legalising gay marriage in Australia, as part of the House of Representatives inquiry... that's means 58 per cent of people who responded to the survey wanted same-sex marriage legalised. About 79 per cent said religious ministers should not have to marry same-sex couples and 58 per cent of participants wanted overseas gay marriages recognised in Australia. Final results are expected to be publised on Monday.
But Wilbur...I had my heart set on marrying you in St Andrew's Cathedral...all I wanted was Phillip Jensen's blessing!
No matter Jed ... if people power says that clergy can't marry us then we'll look after Phillip and make sure he's not disadvantaged... we'll send him a piece of our wedding cake.

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  1. Your reported poll is invalid since my godly opinion was not sought. Ignorant heathens have no right to express views contrary to what God wrote. I am writing to Ms Gillard to sack her. She has blatantly defied my teachings by allowing others to express their views.