Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bob Brown talks about extraterrestrial life and Phillip Jensen talks about Satan

Sydney Anglicans have posted an article written by conservative Catholic anti-climate change journalist Gerard Henderson. The article ridicules Green's leader Bob Brown and his use of metaphoric language about extraterrestrial life, when discussing enviromental issues. Gerard Henderson's Catholicism, and Sydney Anglican fundamentalism, gives belief to the virgin birth, magi following a star to a stable where the Son of God was born, God in human form, incarnation, human sacrifice, the resurrection, miracles and Satan.

Really...How can fundamentalists laugh at other people for holding beliefs that are different to their own? I mean Jesus' gifts and talents extended well beyond the narrow parametres of the basic fundamentalist who only cares about promoting prejudice and discrimination.

So Ripley remember that Satan wants you to forget about Jesus' resurrection and spend the rest of your life focusing on the blood, and the pain and the torture associated with human sacrifice... because without the resurrection Satan remains all powerful. Happy Easter Ripley!

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