Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tony Abbott's sister is a lesbian and wants to get married however...

Abbott the Christian moraliser who will do whatever it takes to win votes, supports the traditional church viewpoint on marriage equality. The Age newspaper has printed an article which makes some very good points about the traditional church's role in Australian politics.
Bob Katter talks about family values but gay Carl Katter knows his brother, a member of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, doesn't value his sibling when he airs advertisements inferring same-sex marriage is pixilated pornography.
And our Prime Minister? Well who knows where the atheist, unmarried Julia Gillard sources her family values, but she and the ALP national executive smartly recognise the churches' book of exclusion has a certain narrow-minded broad appeal at the ballot box.

Welcome to Australia in 2012, where our great, fat growing national wealth, thanks to the mining boom, should confer a certain generosity, the luxury to muse: how might we strengthen this society, bringing those who feel marginalised into the safety and security of the Australian family?

Instead, the country has gotten greedy, like children fighting over a will, insisting God supports their position, turning to religiosity as a way of rationalising the excision of some from the national inheritance and the Australian family portrait...Australia has allowed the churches, via their acolytes in the Parliament, to dictate what makes a couple and what makes a family.

The churches have managed to dominate the political discourse on what defines kinship, even though we don't have a dominant religious denomination as they do in Spain, Argentina or Portugal; Catholic countries that have still managed to take a liberal approach to the issue.

Christine Forster and Carl Katter may therefore have not appreciated it as they watched their siblings take political power in Australia, but divine guidance means their blood ties count for little. The family may be on shaky ground but theocracy stands strong. Given this political reality, Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull are the messiahs of secularity and the hopes of a kinder, inclusive Australian family.


  1. Mr Abbott's sister should receive therapy from my sibling and become a post-lesbian. He has achieved world-wide fame by his highly-effective method of curing gays from their illness. Statistics show that my former-gay twin has cured as many as one. Himself.

  2. ... and I'm not so certain about that one either, my dear dishonest deacon.