Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sydney Morning Herald asks Sydney Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen if homosexuality is a treatable condition...

...and his was not a major issue in Anglican churches....where people identify that they are struggling with unwanted sexual attractions, same-sex or otherwise, it would be unreasonable not to encourage appropriate support... in my experience therapy is not the best but friendship, love and prayer, guided by God's word. Whether or not the struggle with such unwanted feelings continues, we see all people as precious in God's sight.

Ennis ...Isn't that Jensen character a hypocrite saying gays are precious. All he has done is orchestrated to have us sacked, refused be in communion with us, encouraged others to discriminate against us, refused to speak up in support of us when we our lives were threatened, opposed our right to marriage equality...and then says we're precious as long as we are prepared to remain tortured by self hate ... He's full of s***!

Yes Jack and his son has the hide to speak obout Sydney-siders as violent!

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  1. I find myself suffering from an unwanted attraction to Mr Jensen. Although I am precious in God's sight, I believe therapy is the best answer, and a long stay in a mental institution.