Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lisa Nolland has been told...

Lisa Nolland reports that she has been receiving hate mail since Anglican Mainstream sought to use the London buses to promote the ...‘Not gay! Ex-gay, post-gay and proud. Get over it’ bus campaign. Lisa says she understands the highly charged nature of the issue, of telling gays that they are inferior, and that being closeted or a heterosexual with same-sex attraction, is more desirable to right wing evangelicals! Lisa is concerned that people no longer respect religious orthodox bigots who plaster defamatory comments all over buses. Lisa is very concerned that the status quo has shifted and the alleged religious orthodox haters of the past are losing any respect they had, as displayed in Mark Smout’s email...the email that tells Lisa to get knotted! Just seen your new bus ads and it appears you're a bunch of massive ******. I know some people will be hoping you enjoy slow painful deaths while god watches, lazily ****** over the desperate situation you find yourselves in. (Replace god with the name of any other mythical character as you see fit). The purpose of this email is to cause you as much offence as your advert has caused me. If you want someone to cure take a long hard look at yourself, you're clearly ***** sick in the head! Sent from my iPad, whilst gently fingering my *****

And the buses didn't even post Lisa Nolland's slippery slope theory about how same-sex relationships lead to beastiality! Talking about slippery slopes... wasn't it the input from evangelicals in Uganda that lead to GLBTI being persecuted, jailed and killed ?

No Millie... I reckon those bus ads should be run... I'm up for a riot or two. You never know we might get a chance to join in... I'm offended that Lisa would think that I'd be attracted to someone of her species!


  1. It is typical of revisionists who wish to ban the teachings of godly fundamentalists like myself. Just because Lisa is against men who **ck horses, she is vilified by the bl**dy likes of you. B****r off!

  2. Hummph... typical fundamentalist who hates animal lovers. I suppose you also think The Greens are Satans Spawn!