Sunday, April 8, 2012

A gay relationship is fundamentally one of romantic love, far more so than traditional marriage ...says Brendan O'Neill

Brendan O'Neill wrote some real real drivel in the Australian Newspaper ...and the fact that Anglican Mainstream posted it prooves that it IS drivel... because Anglican Mainstream is noted for being full of crap... and mostly sexist and homophobia crap.
Yes Brendan declares ...
The gay-marriage bandwagon isn’t only bad for married couples. It’s bad for gay couples too. For while it’s presented as a positive drive for equality, it’s actually motored by a very defensive clamour for state recognition of gay relationships.

A gay relationship is fundamentally one of romantic love, far more so than traditional marriage is (although that can have romance in it too, of course). But ours is an era which feels uncomfortable with romantic love, viewing it as naive, even as the site of abuse and harm. This means many homosexuals feel increasingly uncertain about their unions based on romance, on pure partnership, and feel compelled to wrap them in the legitimating comfort blanket of that respectable institution, marriage.

There would be nothing positive about institutionalising gay marriage on the basis of a new defensiveness amongst gay people about their lives and loves. That would leave unaddressed the moral question of why romantic unions, of which gay ones are amongst the purest, seem lacking in confidence today.

Underlying the gay-marriage debate is a relativistic reluctance to distinguish between different kinds of relationships. Gay love is fundamentally a relationship between two people. Traditional marriage is not. It is a union between a man and a woman which very often, through its creation and nurturing of a new generation, binds that man and woman to a great many others, to a community. It is an institution, not a partnership.

Collapsing together every human relationship under a mushy and meaningless redefinition of “marriage” benefits no one. Except the political elites, who are so desperate to advertise their modernising zeal that they will ride roughshod over people’s identities if they think it will help them.

No Ennis I will not marry you...only those in defacto relationships are really in love because Brendan says so!

That's OK Jack... the tension involved in working out which one of us is going to demand and enforce obedience as part of the marriage vows could be detrimental to our relationship.

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