Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lord Carey's quote of the week...

Christians are being “persecuted” by courts and “driven underground” in the same way that homosexuals once were!

Yeah but Ennis...evangelicals still think it OK to allow homosexuals to be persecuted and driven underground... isn't about time evangelicals learnt a practical lesson ... persecution might lead to a lesson in empathy; the essential part missing from 'The Essential Jesus'!.

Well Jake...the only way these fundamentalists know they are God's chosen ones is if they exclude everyone else. Everyone knows God plays favourites when it comes to His children.


  1. I agree that Lord Carey has a right to drive homos underground. It is a pity he has to go to Court to be allowed to persecute them.

  2. Of course he shouldn't need permission to persecute someone... he's Lord Carey!