Thursday, April 19, 2012

London sex therapist, Chris Sugden, has to prove that he can cure gays so he isn't judged to be homophobic when discriminating against them

Registered sex therapist, Dr Chris Sugden has finally come clean about the 'Not gay! Ex-gay! Post-gay!And Proud!' treatment program and campaign. Dr Sugden said: If people believe the myth that they were ‘born this way’, then gay demands for marriage appear more reasonable and harder to challenge. That is why this campaign is vitally important. Sugden is prepared to publicly offend gays and lesbians by implying that their sexuality is part of an illness so he can justify his anti-gay prejudice, in both church and secular settings. Sex therapist, Sugden says there is no gay gene and sexuality is fluid... so post heterosexuals can become post gay through Anglican Mainstream and Core Trust Issue's methods, which he says... involves a voluntarily-taken journey of self-exploration and understanding, not a pill or a prayer (though praying can help).

Sounds like Dr Sugden likes Freudian techniques...but he himself doesn't seem to be able to move past the anal stage of psychosexual development!


  1. You are being unfair to Mr Sugden. Science has proved there's a 'sugden gene' which manifests itself in gay-obsessive compulsive disorder. It causes anal retention, bigotry, fundamentalism and biblical tourettes syndrome. Mr Sugden should be pitied - and mocked.

  2. So Dobby ... you've provided Mr Sugden with a dose of pity for today and Biblical Tourettes is a brilliant way to decribe fundamentalists, so thank you.

  3. "sexuality is fluid" I like that!