Saturday, April 28, 2012

Many follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit but Archbishop Jensen uses the Sydney Anglican Trinity...LAWYERS!

Anglican Mainstream report that FCA bishops see their bigotry as a gift to the Anglican Communion and have called upon a network of Anglican lawyers to implement their gift. FCA general secretary and Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, explained...What’s happened in my part of the world is that as society has become more and more secular the position of church and state has become far more fragile and we really do need to alert Christians in the legal profession to issues to do with church and state, where they need to be fully engaged in defending the interests of the Gospel. This is because downunder, the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen has become so disrespected due to the infamous entrepreneurial ideas , rigorious anti-gay and female inequality policies, and the nepotism of Jensenism.
Isn't it wonderful the way Peter Jensen and Chris Sugden are saving the Anglican Church from itself?

Yes Alice...and let's not forget the resounding success of the 'Gay Leper'campaign!

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