Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peter Jensen heads a group of homophobes intent on purging the Church of England of homosexuals

Peter Jensen has flown to England to sir up trouble for gay clergy. He wants them sacked. Peter Jensen is totally recalcitrant ...When he is invited to England to attend the Lambeth conference, he goes to Jerusalem ...and when he's not invited he arrives to stir up trouble in other countries.
He and other bigots are holding a five-day conference starting on April 23 aimed at finding a sexist homophobe who could take over from Rowan Williams.

I heard the group had chartered buses to get them around England.

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  1. MI6 has been informed of Mr Jernsen's arrival. They keep track of Al Quaida, the Jensens and other terrorists. There are millions of homos in England for Mr Jensen to persecute. There is only one "post-gay" who has been cured by Jesus - my clone who is unemployed.