Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Archbishop of Wales concerns himself with the plight of GLBTI Christians while those from the FCA try to destoy or cure them!

While anti-gay C of E supporters gather to 'flesh out' strategies to keep GLBTI people out of their church, The Archbishop of Wales has given his support to gay marriage today, saying ... All life-long committed relationships deserved the welcome, pastoral care and support of the Church and that the issue of same-sex relationships was a moral issue facing the Church and the world, on which there was no single Christian opinion. With all church hysteria around gay marriage, The Archbishop is concerned that gay people may once more gain the impression that the church is uncaring and unsympathetic. He warned... Gays and lesbians claim they are still treated as second-class citizens, tolerated at best and vilified at worst. Very often homosexuality is talked about as if real people were not involved and gays and lesbians complain of being talked about rather than talked to in Church....If the moral aim of the gospel is to encourage love of neighbours, how can that happen when people are made to feel unwanted, unloved, and sinful? How is the gospel good news for homosexuals?

Now listen you FCAs...I'm here to give you a hand. Let's get out there and wreak havoc on those equality lovers. God new what he was doing when he created women and same-sex attracted people... He had to create some who were 'different by design' and some who were 'faulty by design' to make you guys fit the protype of His image!

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  1. Like Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Wales is probably a pagan Druid. No self-respecting Englishman like myself listens to gay-loving foreigners. I had to move to Sydney Diocese to find true Englishmen from the 16th Century.