Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"So no, I don’t watch my clients having showers to see if they are masturbating or not" says Haydn Sennitt.

Oh no... we here at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc don't claim to cure gays we just 'pray the gay away'... Liberty Christian Ministries Inc didn't let down's as Haydn Sennitt says ..."it was Shaun's own failure to overcome his sexuality!"

Haydn Sennitt at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc responds to The Age and The Herald's articles about gay cures. Haydn states that Shaun’s story about Liberty Christian Ministries Inc's inability to help Shaun was Shaun's fault and it was only ONE persons story!

And Haydn your story is only ONE person's story too. It's a story of a gay man who desperately wanted a wife and so he pestered his friend to introduce him to his sister in Korea who spoke limited English... and then told everyone it was the work of the Holy Spirit, who contributed to the one off miracle of marriage, young children and a constant battle against same-sex attraction.

Haydn uses the word 'transformation' instead of 'cure' and says it's not semantics... that's because Liberty Christian Ministries Inc uses the transforming power of the Holy Spirit through prayer, to transform same - sex attracted into heterosexuals, who continue to battle same-sex attraction. This is different to being cured of same-sex feelings.

Haydn explains that change is entirely voluntary but fails to mention that Liberty Christian ministries Inc is a by-product of the exploitation of innocent people by Christian fundamentalists.

Haydn expresses concern about the reporter wanting to undermine Chris Keane because he asked to interview him. Chris Keane, an unqualified LCMI health professional, ran groups for gays who were trying to overcome their same-sex attraction, and edited a book that was published under the name of Liberty Christian Ministries Inc. Haydn, like some other Sydney Anglicans, has difficulty seeing the virtue in accountability.

Haydn as a 'transformed homosexual', criticises Anthony Venn- Brown and psychologist Paul Martin for speaking out against the psychological damage done by ex-gay ministries... ex-gay ministries meddling with people's identity and run by unqualified medical personnel. Instead, Haydn explains that Venn-Brown and Martin were unable to last the distance in overcoming their same-sex attractions!

Finally, Haydn tries to hide the direct association between Liberty Christian Ministries Inc and Sydney Anglicans, eventhough Moore College lecturer, David Petersen founded LCMI, Archbishop Peter Jensen was part of the ethics committee, and Sydney Anglicans Bishop Glenn Davies and Tony Payne contributed to the book "What Some of You Were".


  1. I do not believe in counselling perverts to change them into normal people like myself. All a poof needs to do is marry a woman. Like Haydn, my former-gay sibling used a woman to prove his manliness. I can think of no better role for a female than to help a man pretend he's straight.

  2. you might find my preseentation ' A Glimpse into Australia's Ex-gay world of value.

  3. Calamity, I'm sure that until recently Liberty had a page on their site with the names of their committee members; but I can't find it now. Why do you think they might have removed such important information?

    I found this quoted elsewhere. It’s from Liberty’s site from 2010 and seems to name those I recall being on the committee:

    "We are seeking to establish a committee of working members. I am pleased to welcome many new people. Dr Andrew Ford and I are from the original committee, but now we have Dr David Peterson, who was one of the founders of this ministry; Francis Chalwell, who is minster at St Michaels Surry Hills; Jane Tooher, who works at Moore College; and Emma Binns, who has extensive experience in this ministry with her involvement with Beyond Egypt. We also have Graeme Watkins , who works at Wesley Mission and Kate Hagar.”

    Andrew Ford is a Sydney Anglican who taught at Moore until recently, but is now with Anglicare. Chaldwell is a Sydney Anglican vicar. Jane Tooher is a Sydney Anglican and submits at Moore. Emma Binns is associated with Beyond Egypt which is a ministry of St Paul’s Anglican Church Carlingford.

    Now, though it's a bit unclear, it seems that Kate Hagar (I think this is a spelling mistake made a few times on the internets - I think it's actually 'Haggar') is a Sydney Anglican and was a student at Moore College. She now works at St Augustine’s Neutral Bay! A plant of yours, eh Dobby?

    We also know from comments still extant on the Liberty website that Trevor Hunter, a Sydney Anglican who contributed some chapters ‘What some of You Were’, was once a committee member.

    So, by my count, 8 of the 9 known committee members are Sydney Anglicans (9/10 if Haydn is on the committee). Does it look to anyone else like Graeme Watkins is only there so they can claim to be interdenominational?

  4. I'm starting to think that LCMI is Sydney Anglicans way of politicising offensive Sydney Anglican homophobia in a way that they believe keeps them odourless... and it's not working!

  5. Anthony Venn-Brown, the company you choose to keep here speaks volumes.


  7. What possibly does speaks volumes 'anonymous' is that when I find a site that mentions me or has relevant information about the work I do..... is that I am always willing to post additional information or comment using my real name.

    I have nothing to hide and stand by what I say. And that also when someone makes a comment on my blogs.....which is a different opinion to mine....... I don’t feel the need to stifle debate by deleting comments or blocking people from having their say.

  8. I do understand the need for some people though to hide their identity.