Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Anglican Church League pushes for the Christian death penalty and the mistreatment of those who are encarcerated

Southern Baptist Albert Mohler, who features regularly on the Sydney Anglican Church League website declares Norway a post-Christian nation because it treats those encarcerated humanely and because it has done away with the death penalty. Mass murderer Breivik, who declares himself a Christian warrior fighting for Christian values against the influx of Muslim influence, is like Moller, calling for the death penalty if he is convicted. As one reader of this blog states...

Today the Anglican Church League website posted a link to an article by the American Baptist Albert Mohler called 'The Post-Christian Condition — Anders Breivik and the Limitations of Justice'.

It is a rant about how in a 'post-Christian' society such as Norway justice defies the will of God by not imposing the death sentence on murderers and by providing prisoners with a decent standard of accommodation

Here are some choice quotes:

"Christianity produces a system of laws and justice that puts a high premium on both personal moral responsibility and the sanctity of human life. For this reason, the punishment of murderers has been taken with great seriousness. Those who take a human life with premeditation were understood to forfeit their own.

The rejection of the Christian worldview and the loss of biblical moral instincts produces a very different system of justice. Norway abolished the death penalty in 1902. Later, the nation abolished the sentence of life in prison, claiming that it was too extreme. As Newsweek’s Stefan Theil has reported, “Normally, even murderers are fully eligible for parole after just a few years in prison.”

The loss of the Christian worldview often comes with a diminishment of both personal responsibility and the sense of punitive justice. Add to this the redefinition of human life and its value. The result is a nation that takes pride in a notoriously lax system of criminal justice — a nation that considers punishment itself to be barbaric."

Does the Anglican Church League really agree with this sort of stuff? If so, I'm shocked at what we are up against with the Sydney Anglicans. What sort of Christians are they that they could be so savage and primitive?

Merv it's the women who have caused Norway to lose it's Christian values...I mean every Sydney Calvinist knows that you have to keep your women repressed or your society deteriorates.

Yes Bert... imagine half the guards in jails being women ... and encouraging a less aggressive atmosphere! As a Sydney Calvinist I say 'man up' the wardens... and bash the crap out of the prisoners... I mean it works with homosexuals and feminists in the Sydney diocese! Hey Bert... Sydney Anglicans might be able to get the contract to run the jails in Norway!

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  1. Sydney Diocese follows a God-fearing nation like Iran which executes citizens who choose same-sex attraction. Australia will never have Calvinist values unless it hangs poofs who defy Mr Jensen and God. We must show Christian love by chopping homo's heads off.