Tuesday, December 13, 2011

After losing $160 million gambling on the stock exchange, the Anglican Church League calls a meeting at the Cathedral to decide...Who Should Pay!

The Sydney Anglican Church League wants people to come along to St Andrew's Cathedral for some tea and coffee, and 5 hours of 'gentle' persuasion. Registration is free... but registration is important; that's so the ACL can send out some 'how to think' suggestion cards, on topics like, who will pay for Peter Jensen's entourage of family and friendly bishops...and let's not forget what ACL call the DNA of Sydney Anglicanism...Moore College! Yes parishioners are asked to share in the non- negotiable burden of keeping the existing structure of the Baptist diocese alive, so that members of the ACL can hang out with their schematic mates from GAFCON!
So Ennis...the ACL want parishoners to hand over their hard earned money, to fund a bunch of bigots like this... all because their 10% mission strategy of becoming one of the world's leading investors of borrowed money failed?
Pretty much! Sounds like the same 'use tax payers money' strategy, that irresponsible banks used during the GFC! You going to that meeting Jack...cause I wouldn't miss it for quids...oh I mean shares! Jack... you'd have to say Jensen's mission is a bit like flogging that dead horse over there!

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