Monday, December 26, 2011

Gay rights activists form an alliance to protect GLBTI people from religious prejudice

The Sydney Star Observer reports that the federal Attorney-General’s department is consulting with the community on its draft National Human Rights Action Plan, which has included a commitment to include sexual orientation and sex and gender identity as part of a new consolidated federal anti-discrimination act.
The National LGBTI Health Alliance will make a submission on a range of areas, including on any exemptions which may allow religious organisations a free reign to discriminate against LGBTI people. The Alliance will argue that many tax payer-funded services are delivered by faith-based organisations, particularly in the health and aged care sectors, and exemptions for these organisations sends a message it’s not safe for LGBTI people to reveal their sex or gender identity or sexuality.
A spokesman for the Australian Coalition for Equality (ACE) would advocate for anti-discrimination law protection, marriage equality and issues relating to LGBTI health and aging and bullying in schools and he states that Federal law applies comprehensive protection for all Australian’s regardless of which state they live in.

Eeeeek! What's the world coming to... people forming alliances to protect LGBTI people against hatred and discrimination? Everyone knows Evangelicals have the patent on bigoted alliances!

What will religious extremists do if they can't join together to persecute LGBTI people?

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