Friday, December 23, 2011

Peter Jensen says that people want to stop him from talking about Jesus...and ain't that the truth!

Peter Jensen sends his Christmas message, which says that some people want to write Jesus out of history because they are frightened of his influence and will do anything to stop us talking about him.
So Jesus, it's your fault that the world has to listen to this incessant Calvinist bigotry, delivered as endless Biblical prattle.

I know and I'm really embarrassed about the way biblebashers pretend to know my word... and I worked so hard to never be taken literally!

Well I've been left with no option... not since Jensenism invaded Africa!


  1. @ PeterJ: it's rude to speak about Someone you (evidently) haven't met!

  2. JCF, I think it is ruder to ruin a person's reputation when you don't really know them because Someone feels the need to curb support for women's ordination and same-sex attraction.

  3. It is beyond rude to use doctrine in such a preducial way, that it destroys people who you have or haven't met. Destroying someones's identity and leaving them suicidal has nothing to do with Jesus Christ; it's mental and emotional cruelty.