Monday, December 12, 2011

Peter Jensen networks...singing the praise of marriage... in a Phillip Jensen style marathon which lacks Phillip's intensity!

In his attempt to combat opponents of his anti-equality marriage policy, Peter Jensen has chosen the affluent setting of St Matthias at Centenniel Park (Phillip Jensen's old stomping ground) to launch his series called "In Praise of Marriage," aka "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve," or more literally described by the archbishop as "Love and marriage, goes together like a horse and carriage" for Lisa Nolland fans.
In' Praise of Marriage' is best described by Dorothy as...Speaking of ten steps in search of better preaching, it's a pity that Dr Peter Jensen didn't follow them in his 58 minutes - 58! - talk In Praise of Marriage. The pond started out in search of juicy theological disputation, and fell asleep within the first couple of minutes. What was that Kellahan said about keeping it shorter and more interesting?

So is 'In Praise of Marriage' based on that counter-intuitive stuff... where you say how great marriage is so that all those excluded won't want to get married because it's so great?

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