Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fighting Father Dave gives Sydney Anglicans some unusually positive press coverage!

Fighting Father Dave has been featured in the Goulburn Post for his work with wayward youth on his self funded property, known as Binacrombi, which is on the way to the Wombeyan Caves. The Goulburn Post states that, Dave... to some tut-tutters, is known as a “notorious” Anglican priest, philosopher, author, Palestinian rights crusader, perennial Australian of the Year nominee, and fiercely competitive boxer, martial arts exponent, kick boxer and wrestler... For 20 years, Father Dave has run a gym and after-school hang-out for otherwise aimless and hopeless kids across the road from his Holy Trinity church, in Dulwich Hill. It’s supported by all sorts of people – not necessarily nicely behaved members of the Sydney Anglican flock – who are proud to belong to Dave’s Fighting Fathers ministry.
Fighting Father Dave is planning a world record 120 round box-a-thon to raise $5000 for the youth club at Dulwich Hill and Binacrombi.

Father Dave is giving Sydney Anglicans a bad name! Next people will think they have a heart and care about people, and display human emotions!
We at Anglican Mainstream will remind Sydney Anglicans that God's Biblical word is all about segregating the haves from the have nots, the women from the men, the gays from the heterosexuals and the liberal thinkers from the bible bashers!

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