Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free Range Eggs...a Human Rights Issue in Sydney!

Sydney Anglican, Kara Martin rants about the importance people place on animals in our society. Has she just read the Lisa Nolland zoophile? Kara believes animals should be treated like animals, and eaten ...and definately not humanised. In Sydney Anglican's divine order of things, women are just above animals and gays in the pecking order. Karin criticises when saying... we put the rights of animals over the rights of humans...except of course Sydney Anglicans, who put their rights above everyone. Kara is so concerned about people in third world countries, that she, and people like her, voted to attend GAFCON, supporting Anglicans in Africia, in their oppression and persecution of LGBT people. As a Sydney Anglican, Kara doesn't support Marriage Equality or same-sex couples adopting children... but begrudges LGBT people the love and companionship of a pet! Karin assures everyone that she's not in favour of cruelty to animals...only gays and lesbians, when she says... I am not in favour of cruelty to animals, and I do buy free-range eggs.

I'm a Sydney Anglican and I know my place!

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