Friday, December 9, 2011

Anglican Church president, Mark Thompson, justifies discrimination when discussing 'Love, Marriage and the Homosexual Agenda'

Moore College lecturer, Mark Thompson, knows that he is one of 'The Chosen Ones' and that is why he has to publish an article proving that ... inequality is a fundamental principal of fundamentalism... and discrimination is the way to true inequality! Mark states on the Anglican Church League website that:
1. marriage equality is not about providing financial and legal security for homosexual relationships... Instead it is about insisting upon the legitimacy of homosexual unions and sidelining any suggestion that such unions are morally questionable.

2. ...dissenting voices need to be silenced using whatever means available.

3. Fundamentalist dissent is not really an irrational and pathological hatred of those involved but truly an act of love.

4. Another means of discriminating against fundamentalists has been to resort to legal measures such as anti-discrimination and anti-vilification legislation, making it illegal to deny freedom of expression.

5. The term ‘homosexual’ itself is hardly used any more...The shift to speaking about ‘homosexual orientation’ and then ‘same-sex attraction’ rather than ‘temptation’ portrayed such desires as entirely natural and in some measure beyond a person’s control.

6. We’ve recognised the need to affirm and legislate to give expression to racial equality and the equality of the sexes, now we need to affirm the equality of different sexual behaviours. It is a matter of human rights. Opposition should be unmasked as oppression.

homosexual behaviour is one of those things on account of which ‘the wrath of God is coming’. It is contrary to God’s created intention for humanity and destructive of human society as well as those involved in it... Out of compassion we need to reach out with a message of forgiveness and cleansing...

Marge! What do you mean it's another Emperor's New Clothes Tale. Fundamentalism has works for me!

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