Monday, December 5, 2011

Sydney Anglican, Fighting Father Dave takes on the super heavyweights in his support for marriage equality!

The ABL Masters Middleweight boxing champion, Father Dave Smith, is quoted in the SMH as saying... To me, the institution of marriage is supposed to be about social stability and providing a good nuturing environment for children...It seems to me that allowing gay people to form more committed relationships can only be positive in that regard.
The SMH being fully aware of the lack of diversity and freedom of thought within the Sydney diocese, goes on to report... In Sydney's often conservative Anglican diocese... his views clashed with those of his Archbishop, Dr Peter Jensen, who expressed his profound disappointment yesterday with Labor's endorsement of gay marriage at the weekend. The SMH reports that Dr Peter Jensen claimed that marriage equality... is not a matter of equality, but of trying to force respect by changing the definition of one of the fundamentals of our society...I hope MPs will use the conscience vote to send a powerful signal of support for the integrity and true meaning of marriage.

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  1. Why have you illustrated this post with a picture of former homosexualist, Peter Ould? Does it prove that becoming "post-gay" turns a man into a fat boxer?