Sunday, December 11, 2011

Will the carols resound with God's glory... or will the Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral reduce the music to a system of semi-quavers?

For the first time in many years, ABC Television is screening an evangelical service on Christmas Eve. St Andrew’s Cathedral has been chosen to host the annual carols telecast on ABC television at 6pm on the night before Christmas. Being a word minister, Phillip Jensen knows all the words in the Bible to discriminate against women and gays, and his word investigations extend to the lyrics of songs and hymns. To avoid a spiritual revolution, the Dean ensures that all references to the Holy Spirit are removed, thus ensuring that all spiritual power remains with the word minister .
And let's not forget the family business...
"St Matthias Press would be only too happy to help and encourage, to print and to publish, the works of Evangelical song writers and hymn
writers," said Phillip Jensen

Hey Freddy...does that mean we have to repent before tuning into the ABC?

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  1. Almost a reason to cancel my trip to Sydney. I think I will watch the Channel 9 news at that time and hopefully the ABC might broadcast Carols from Kings College, Cambridge or something equally uplifting later. Channel 9's carols from Melbourne have never excited me either.