Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Ugley Vicar likens God's Divine Order to the process of sexing!

Boy, I say Boy...beings who reproduce need to be sexed. We need to sort out the cockerals from the pullets, and the roosters from the hens. Divine order Boy, is just like pecking order... one big cock in a divine hen house!
The Ugley Vicar writes that same-sex marriage cannot occur in Anglican churches because ‘inclusion’ is not just a matter of allowing the ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ minority to enjoy the privileges of the ‘straight’ majority. The Ugley Vicar goes onto to publish that for Anglicans, marriage is not a “flexible” institution, but a divinely ordered one, based on a covenant and sex; and that sex is linked with reproduction, and beings who reproduce need to be sexed. He explains, but fails to elaborate, that some individuals may issues and age may impose limits on fertility. Being an Anglican Mainstream sexpert, The Ugley Vicar knows that ‘sexual’ intercourse is intercourse between two people of opposite sexes and that's why ‘Same-sex ’ sex, by contrast, is a contradiction in terms.

John you took the words right out of my mouth...sexual intercourse only occurs when a male penis penetrates a female vagina! That's what I told those Republicans 17 years ago! John what do you do with the Christians who fail the sexing procedure?


  1. You can't make this (Ugley Vicar's) sh*t up...

  2. Being Ugly is an impediment to 'straight' marriage. No person in their right mind would wish to have carnal relations with such an unattractive fundamentalist as the Ugly Vicar.