Friday, December 30, 2011

Tesco cop an 'earful'... from a loving and concerned Christian at Anglican Mainstream

Your continued support of this morally bankrupt group shows your utter contempt for true family life and the protection of children from exposure to unacceptable practices at a young age, by overtly bringing "family friendly" events to something which at its very base is specifically unfriendly to the family unit as it has always been understood.
Tesco, which is the largest private-sector employer in the UK chose to sponsor Pride London to show its committment to workplace diversity. A group of employees called 'Out at Tesco' asked for some support for Pride London, and Tesco agreed, as part of its policy to treat all who work for it fairly. Tesco states that it supports many charities and the £30,000 donation to Pride London was a very small part of an overall charitable and community contribution which last year amounted to £64 million. This was explained in a letter to a' Christian' woman who had complained about Tesco's support for Pride London... but the explanation did not 'cut it' with the Christian woman and Tesco got a very ungracious 'tongue lashing'... which has been posted at Anglican Mainstream.
I do not consider an individual who is gay as a worse person than anyone else, but... You would perhaps be appalled at the notion that a man/woman could perform a sexual act on a child or even an animal in public, but some in the Gay Pride movement have intimated that such things would not be considered immoral – after all, if you belong to a section of society that views any sexual behaviour as acceptable, where do you draw the line? – Ant Tesco have put their name to this!!

Hey Pa...So this is Christian love transformed?
Yes Arnold they talk about angry ants but their is nothing more hostile than a loving Christian protecting his/her rights to persecute and discriminate! Son ...that's called GOD'S GRACE.
Pa who wrote this letter...Christine Sugden?

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