Monday, December 19, 2011

It's official...Sydney Anglicans are unpopular... as posted by none other than the Anglican Church League itself!

and ... it's all because they are "tall poppies"!
The Anglican Church League has posted an article written by Gerald Bray, who reviews Muriel Porter's book... Sydney Anglicans and the threat to world Anglicanism. Bray speaks of Muriel Porter's animosity towards the diocese of Sydney, and criticises her for speaking out as a lay person. Brag is not in favour of Muriel airing Sydney's dirty linen in public.

Brag favours censorship because it doesn't threatened totalitarian regimes like the Sydney diocese. I mean what diocese is run by a family? And which ordained member of the Sydney diocese would dare criticise Phillip Jensen?
Bray shows that he is totally deranged when he says...On the other side, Sydney Anglicans are remarkably humble in their dealings with others and open to suggestions from many quarters... as long as they're dealing with bigots! He speaks of the way evangelicals churches grow in Sydney but fails to mention how most Liberal Anglicans were exiled from the Sydney diocese because of their views on inclusion.
Well everyone knows that it's about choices. You can be a human being or you can be a bigot... if you want to be a human being you look's simple! We're about cleansing the diocese of generations of humans!
Bray continues with his lunacy by saying... Dr Jensen has laid the foundation for others to bulid on... that is working towards complete financial bankrupcy! And to top off the crap, Bray finishes by saying...Evangelicals can be accomodating to polygamy (at least in the African context) ...while standing firm against the ordination of women and practising homosexuals.

And what does the Bible say about bigots?

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  1. I agree with Bray that "no one should denounce fellow Christians". He then writes an article denouncing fellow Christians. Bray is part of an hysterically funny totalitarian regime. Like Kim Jong-il, they are destined for extinction.