Sunday, December 25, 2011

Phillip Jensen asks will Australia change ...and will Australia's PM call upon archbishops to end what Phillip sees as moral neutrality.

Phillip Jensen utilises a speech by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to call for a move away from moral neutrality. Cameron's speech was aimed at the Archbishop of Canterbury and a call for his intervention in controlling the morals of the rioters in England; this was after Cameron had failed to accept the archbishop's cautionary advice about implementing radical government policy, that would further disadvantage the disadvantaged. Cameron's use of the Bible seems to be similar to that of Sydney Calvinist, Phillip Jensen...use the Bible to oppress the oppressed and maintain the status quo, and never ever address the issue of corporate greed.

Hey Ernie... I thought England was far from being morally neutral... what with Occupy London, eradicating the prejudical treatment of GLBT people and ordaining women bishops

Oh Bert...Phillip sees prejudice as having a moral conscience. He wants Australia to return to the pre 1950s, where all Australians cowered down to the white heterosexual male.

Oh so you mean Phillip wants to use Calvinism to 'Republicanise' the world?

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  1. Potty Phillip will be overjoyed next year when David Cameron legislates for gay marriage in the UK in 2012.