Friday, December 2, 2011

The Archbishop of Sydney and false rhetoric!

Sydney's archbishop, Peter Jensen, has used the bigoted Anglican Church League website, which is second only to Anglican Mainstream for right wing fascism, to express his deep sadness about the ALP having to debate the false rhetoric of ‘equality’ surrounding same-sex marriage! Tunnel- visioned Jensen, who is known for denying women equality, says ... The present law defining marriage is not a denial of rights.... HIS rights! He goes onto claim that ...Issues of inequity regarding the financial and legal status of same-sex relationships have already been addressed by the Parliament and I have supported these changes.

Is this the same Peter Jensen who was instrumental in dividing the worldwide Anglican Church because of a homosexual bishop?
Yes, the same one who sided with African bigots, when they wanted to introduce a jail sentence for gays and anyone who helped them. What did Martin Luther say... "“One who condones evil is just as guilty as the one who perpetrates it.”

Jensen says his concerns are about redefining marriage, parenthood, sex education and commitment to religious freedom (aka the right to discriminate within the secular community).

Is that the same Jensen who owns 'marriage' both inside and outside the church, and condones driving homosexuals underground in Africa, thus inhibiting their treatment for AIDS? I say... "Let’s get rid of this disgusting stigma and get these people who are such fascists, such idiots, and such assholes to understand that people have a right to live with dignity."

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