Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ugandan gays left out of the Ugandan HIV/AIDS budget

Sydney Star Observer reports that a former Ugandan MP who tabled a HIV/AIDS bill which excludes homosexuals from HIV prevention and treatment now “regrets the oversight”.
There is no budget from the government to undertake activities targeting homosexuals and lack of information has led many Ugandan gays to believe that HIV is only spread heterosexually.

Hey Merve ... it looks like the Ugandan's have been reading Chris Sugden's human rights agenda. I mean who does Hillary Clinton think she is saying that gay rights are human rights? Keep 'em ignorant I say... we need to keep religious fundamentalism alive!
Speaking of Chris Sugden... did you see the
anti-gay book he put out with Lisa Nolland and Sarah Finch? Is 'blow job' a term included in Anglican Mainstream's glossary of sex?

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