Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maverick Rwandan bishop to the US breaks away from Anglican Church of Rwanda...all because he won't submit! !

The Head of the Anglican church of Rwanda chastises rogue bishop by saying... You have constantly disregarded the decision and counsels of the House of Bishops...You have misused the authority given to you. … You have insulted our house using abusive language (knucklehead, reversed colonialism, lawlessness, etc.)... You have dogged [sic] questions of financial transparency.
Maverick Rwandan missionary bishop to the US, Murphy responded by resigning his leadership position in the Province of Rwanda. In his resignation letter, he said AMIA's relationship with the African church was a "voluntary submission" that would not be renewed at the association's upcoming winter conference.
So the dude is American and didn't like his American bishop so he got a job with a Rwandan bishop but stayed in US...but then he didn't want to submit to Rwandan guidelines and so he's picked up his toys and walked away again! Sounds like orthodoxy to me!
Yeah... nothing a good dose of submission wouldn't cure! Where's Phillip Jensen? He knows all about submission. He doesn't have to submit to anyone but God!

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