Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tent monster attacked and stripped by depraved police...has anyone told Anglican Mainstream?

What IS the sexual definition for group police and monster tent relations?

An Occupy Melbourne protester was left crying on the ground in her underwear this morning after being stripped of a "tent monster" costume by police. In a video shot by the protesters the woman, identified as Sarah, can be heard pleading with the authorities to leave her alone, yelling "don't take my clothes off" and "this is not consensual." The woman was overpowered by about seven male and female officers and council rangers before being left on the ground wearing only her underwear. Occupy spokeswoman Tal Slome said police knew she was not wearing anything under the tent except her underwear. "Who decides what constitutes clothing in our society?" she said.

Lisa, I might be a police horse but I have feelings too! I feel violated and betrayed ... tossed aside for a tent monster!

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