Saturday, December 3, 2011

Director of Changing Attitude UK, speaks out about the effect the anti same - gender bill will have on LGBT Nigerians

Colin do you mean the bill that the Anglican Church of Nigeria campaigned on? By the way...where IS Phillip Jensen... because you've really got to be worried when he's not OVERTLY pumping out right wing, evangelical, male, heterosexual, supremist, crap!
Colin says... that LGBT are fearful for their safety and their lives. He says... The Bill is driving them further back into the closet and lynchings of people suspected of being gay are predicted. Colin goes onto say...The Church of Nigeria campaigned in support of a bill which directly contravenes Anglican policy and not one Church of England Bishop spoke out this week to denounce the bill and criticise the Church of Nigeria for supporting it in opposition to Anglican policy?
Colin rightly states that the Anglican Church is being held ransom to a minority group of dangerous conservatives and he feels it’s time for the majority in the House of Bishops to stand up to this conservative minority, in a church culture which employs and licences a thousand LGB&T people in ministry – and then denies them the freedom to live and minister openly and honestly.
As I've always said ... best practice is to employ your relos and friends to sniff out the rabble and get rid of them before they can influence anyone. Yes, I'm happy with the term Nazi!
And no ...the right wing homophobic Anglican Church League and Anglican Mainstream websites haven't published anything about the Nigerian bill because we don't want to be held accountable! Who said GAFCON? Shhh!

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