Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alert!!! Anglican Mainstream declares America in the grips of a sex addiction...but as expected, it's an opportunity to verbally bash gays!

Anglican Mainstream has published an article written by Life Site news, critiquing a Newsweek piece. The article states that America is in the middle of a 'sex addiction' epedimic, however the theme really is about Life Site's and Anglican Mainstream's homophobia and their hatred of medical evidence around same-sex attraction that has resulted in greater understanding and tolerance towards the LGBT community. The article takes every opportunity to offend those who believe in inclusion, as opposed to discrimination. ... Surprisingly enough, the magazine even goes so far as to admit that at least some homosexual activity is related to sex addiction... the American Psychiatric Association now applies this standard to all “paraphilias” (sexual perversions), except for homosexual sodomy, which is now treated as a normal variation of human sexuality...Shockingly, the Newsweek article does acknowledge a reality that is normally unthinkable for the liberal mind: that homosexual behavior might be related to a sex addiction.

And I didn't think it could get any worse but it does by saying...homosexuals are known for having superficial, short-term relationships and hundreds of lifetime sex partners, causing them to contract deadly diseases at rates far beyond that of the rest of the population. These are all facts available in the medical and scientific journals of the day, but they are prohibited facts that may not be discussed by the genteel souls of America’s media elite.

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