Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anglican Mainstream reports ...Catholics open the doors for hundreds of Anglican misogynists!

HELP...It's a woman!

Anglican Mainstream reports that traditionalists who cannot accept the ordination of women are already lined up to join the Pope. Mgr Newton who is the head of the Ordinariate said there were some challenges such as finding jobs and homes for the newly ordained Catholic priests. On New Year’s Day an Ordinariate will be created in the USA, followed by another in Australia in the spring, both of which are likely to have more members than the British one.

So Ralph...does that mean that Sydney Anglicans can join the Ordinariate when women are ordained in Sydney... Oh and when LGBTI people are treated as human being within the Church? you really think the Pope is going to want a group of recalcitrants like the Jensenites?

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  1. The Pope won't welcome the Jensens challenging his Infallabilty with theirs.