Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anglican Mainstream says marriage is all about breeders verses non-breeders!

Anglican Mainstream posted an article which follows the same process as those who read the Bible at Anglican Mainstream. It's called "reductionism" and it is now being applied to marriage. The reductionist approach reduces marriage to procreation by sorting couples into two sets ... breeders and non-breeders! The non-breeders are then divided into 2 subsets, known as the heterogeneous non-breeder and the homogeneous non-breeder. The breeders will tolerate the heterogeneous non-breeders because they try to imitate the breeder in breeding style, but the homogeneous non-breeder is seen as unsavory because the breeder cannot procreate using that particular breeding style. The authors from the Ruth Institute conclude by saying... Trying to consider a private reason for marriage, such as love, does not work on the large-scale, sociological level.

Morrie, the vet said that I'm a prolific producer... so you're the one who will be off to the glue factory for shooting blanks!

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