Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wanted... 2 editors for Matthias Media to specialize in spreading evangelical homophobia and misogyny throughout the world.

Tony... I specialize in tunnel-vision

And I specialize in intolerance

And I have special skills in ball breaking

Decisions decisions and so much talent to choose from!


  1. What's the bet Dobby applies for it? I see he's been doing some work experience over at the family firm of late

    I'm not so sure he's done himself any favours in the comments section, though.

  2. Dobby's future may lie in working for a Bank, like his former-gay, former-minister twin brother, Prostate Pete. Although it's perhaps unwise to let a Sydney Baptist like Dobby near other people's money since he's bound to lose it on the Stock Market.

  3. Is that true Fr Biggin? He's working in a bank?

    Are there no churches left in the UK which would appreciate such a probing member in their staff?

  4. Sadly, there are no UK Churches with openings for curates obsessed with men's orifices. That's why Prostate Pete is now having to work for a living.

  5. And they say bankers are anal...but I didn't know the meaning was literal!