Friday, September 21, 2012

And the comments are closed over at The Briefing ...regarding complementarianism and domestic violence

Over at Matthias Media's, The Briefing website, Phillip Jensen's 'Love and Subjucation' has whipped up a bit of a regard to the relationship between domestic and complementarianism. 
Sam Freney   said:

Suzanne,This whole area is something that is indeed very serious, and no-one here is treating lightly. In particular, you clearly have some specific allegations that ought to be dealt with properly and seriously, not in this kind of impersonal context.The Sydney Anglican Diocese has a set of careful and detailed procedures in place to work through the sorts of allegations you have suggested. I urge you to contact the Professional Standards Unit on (02) 9265 1514 or at’m going to close off this thread now, not as a sign of dismissal of your concerns, but because it is so important. I don’t want this to be the forum to air these complaints because it’s important for all sides to do this kind of thing properly. Again, contact the people who can deal properly with this matter.

I've got to admire Craig Swartz for acknowledging that some controlling men are attracted to some Christian women because of their submissiveness ...and that abusive Christian husbands will use Bible verses to maintain control and justify their actions. it's good that Phillip Jensen, the chief educator of women in complementarianism...advises them in what to do when faced with abusive relationships... I suppose if every man was as perfect as Jesus...then every woman would be safe in submitting...Anyway, enough theology...I read a story of them church and domestic violence 'Let's Ask Phillip' what these  women should do...

Heather’s timidness was noticeable, as she sidled up and asked  Joan if she could have a moment. Tears began streaming down Heather’s cheeks, as Joan ushered her out into the garden to prevent a scene developing. Joan knew that tongues often wagged. As Heather sat beside Joan sobbing, she disclosed all manner of abuse that was inflicted upon her, when her outraged spouse heard of her newly found associates. In his mind these so called feminist lesbians, were deliberately offending him by filling his wife’s head with egalitarian rubbish! These women hadn’t explained to Heather, that freedom of thought came at a psychological and physical price. Preston gave his wife one of the finest lessons in submission. Her head and body ached from the beating, but she finally understood the Brotherhood’s message... SUBMISSION IS THE ONLY WAY TO FREEDOM. Joan sat speechless with her arm around Heather’s shoulder, as she unburdened herself of this man’s guilt. All Joan could do was comfort her, and try to find something profound to say. It seemed profanities were best left to Preston, because at that moment, Heather caught a glimpse of Preston approaching. She began to tremble uncontrollably, as he told her that her in-laws were missing her presence. His Cheshire Cat smile, his rigid body and his clenched fists, digging deeply into the sides of his thighs, gave Joan a vision of the man who Heather had described.
Heather cowered as she arose from the seat. She had been summoned and followed submissively. She was scared and isolated, and under extreme pressure from Preston’s family. Once engulfed at this level within this sect, it was nearly impossible to find a way out. Her whole life was built around the church and even her parents boasted of their daughter’s prestigious marriage.  She knew what was at stake and Preston would destroy her before she did him...

Hang on...there's's a great book...and with plenty of intrigue
After a serious discussion, the lawyers were summoned. Preston agreed to refrain from contacting Joan and Beth’s employer, if they signed an affidavit, stating that Preston had not hit his wife, and that the women were involved in rumour mongering to discredit him.  A further clause was added which stated that litigation would proceed if this meeting and its purpose, were ever disclosed outside the walls of the meeting room.
All three women were stripped of all their responsibilities within the church and were left with tarnished reputations, as the lesbian rumour was carefully spread throughout the church community and their silence was guaranteed with threats and litigation.
“Checkmate” was Preston’s response as he left the room.

 I know that story's called Double Jeopardy...that's your livlihood can't get threatened for being gay anymore...well at least not when you work in the public sector!

That story sounds like a story about physical and spiritual abuse...not unlike the sexual assault of children...didn't those men pray to God and tell those women that coersion was because God loved them those pedophile priests do...and then didn't those in charge ...give additional assistance to the perpetrator? 

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