Sunday, September 30, 2012

Michael Jensen writes a book called... Sydney Anglicanism: An Apology

by you ... when you failed to understand our orthodox theological autocracy let me explain why we have been so you can apologise to us!

Michael Jensen has written a book called Sydney Anglicanism: An Apology but the review reads more like Sydney Anglicanism : Just Misunderstood! ... "Sydney's evangelical Anglicans have been the focus of a great deal of controversy and criticism in the Anglican world. Their blend of conservatism towards doctrine and radicalism towards the institutional church has made them something of an enigma to other Anglicans. But what makes them really tick? Michael Jensen provides a unique insider's view into the convictional world of Sydney Anglicanism. He responds to a number of the common misunderstandings about Sydney Anglicanism and challenges Sydney Anglicans to see themselves as making a positive contribution to the wider church and to the city they inhabit."

But Bill I thought Sydney Anglicans were making a fabulous contribution to Sydney and the world's sexism and homophobia policies! I reckon them Sydney Anglicans in them fine Universities, would out do them Sydney University Young Liberal Party members in the field of sexism and homophobia... I mean Bill them young Liberal Party Club Party folk have only got Alan Jones to incite hatred...but them young Sydney Anglican evangelicals have got someone far superior in Phillip Jensen. They both incite hatred in the same manner and continuously preach their point of view...but Phillip Jensen does it in God's name.

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