Sunday, September 9, 2012

Keith Mascord, a former Moore College lecturer, writes ... a number of studies have consistently suggested that egalitarian relationships have higher levels of couple satisfaction and lower rates of conflict and violence.

Keith Mascord has written an article on his 'A Restless Faith, Leaving Fundamentalism in a Quest for God' blog about Peter Jensen's efforts at convincing Sydney to embrace his new marriage vows of female submission. Keith says...‘Patriarchy comes under significant attack in the ministry of Jesus, or at least earlier expressions of it do. Women are given the right to divorce their husbands (Mark 10:12). Jesus treats women with great respect, and readily accepts them as his disciples. He significantly elevates their status and role. Jesus’ example is followed by his apostles, including Paul. Paul may not have gone all the way towards dismantling patriarchy. However, one could argue that the trajectory established by Jesus and honoured by Paul was of such a nature that patriarchy, like slavery, can reasonably be set aside, especially in a world where women have come to show themselves capable of holding their own at all levels of human endeavour.’  
The reason that patriarchy doesn’t seem to work, or to have practical purchase, in happily functioning Christian marriages is that the gospel has made it irrelevant. Efforts to make it relevant necessarily involve some form of restriction (whether voluntary or not) to female agency; some loss of power. That, I think, is why Sydney has reacted so angrily to Archbishop Peter’s irenic effort to argue for submission. It is not something Sydney wants. It is not something that most of Sydney’s Christians want, nor even most of Sydney’s Anglican Christians – I would guess.

Say Calam... is the lady in the picture one of them fine Sydney Anglican women who stands along Phillip Jensen, in telling young girls that they must put all their hopes and dreams on hold to serve God because God only lets men fulfil their hopes and dreams?
Well I reckon so Bill...but  do you know that all this submission crap is to protect the role of male clergy. Sydney Anglicans can't let their women become too empowered and vocal ...or they might want to be ordained...and that would wreck one of the Jensen Inc's goals of ....a generational extermination of  Sydney Anglican feminists.

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