Friday, September 7, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Archie Poulos writes about... Sydney Anglicans broadening their view of the 'marginalised'

Sydney Anglicans would only have to look sideways to broaden their view!

 Surprise! Surprise! Like with the word 'submission', Sydney Anglicans have their own definition of the word marginalised. Archie Poulos says... One thing both Christians and unbelievers agree upon is the need to care for the marginalized in our society. I want to expand our thinking on who the marginalized might be... A great challenge for members of our churches is to stand in the shoes of a member of this marginalized community because, sadly, we often assume that such people are ‘just like us’ and will fit in. Consequently we do not even notice their marginalization.
Archie gives some examples of marginalised people... people who work in professional careers, but despise every minute of their work and cannot wait to remove themselves from it. It might be someone who is assumed to be literate but in fact is not so. It could be someone for whom we assume a specific family role, but who is unable to fulfill that role... ie a 'failed' complementarian .
Archie says that... Whenever we meet a person, we cannot help but make assumptions about them. ...We need to be willing to question what we understand as ‘normal’ and acceptable.
Sydney Anglicans had better not look to left like Jesus... they might have to face the LGBTI people, and the non-complementarians, that they have been responsible for marginalising,within their own diocese ...and throughout the world...and let's not forget the poor and homeless who might have been clothed and fed with the wasted, $160 million, stock market gamble!

Well I fit into the Sydney Anglican diocese OK!


  1. Sydney Anglicans have been mocked so much recently in media throughout the world they have become hilariously marginalised. It must be terrible to belong to such a ridiculed minority.

  2. Another nasty little piece from another of those nasty little Sydney Anglican men. The sub-text, of course, is the standard right-wing tactic of claiming that everyone is marginalised in some way. This serves to draw attention away from those who are genuinely politically or socially marginalised and downplay their plight. It cheapens the notion of marginality in order to diminish its moral claim. Just the sort of gross failure compassion and logic we’ve come to expect from this bunch of heartless bigots.