Saturday, September 8, 2012

Will Sydney Anglicans label Channel 9, as Biblical heretics. with the screening of their new TV show called House Husbands

Did Peter Jensen say that we're not real men?

Boys don't let that Jensen fella get to you. You need to lsten to Haydn Sennitt....You just haven't had the male bonding needed to make you a man like me...You guys spent too much time hanging around your mother.

The Sydney Anglican boys who write for Matthias Media's, 'The Briefing', have opened up discussions about a husband's sacrificial love. The comments of course are closed to anyone who believes in egalitarianism...and all that can be concluded from the discussions, is that the only ones doing the sacrificing are the wives. The boys don't realise that submission cannot exist without sacrifice...but the boys being boys ...have absolutely no idea about women or submission.

Well what would you expect from a group of people with such a limited gene pool, that their marginalised are limited to professionals who don't like their jobs, complementarians who can't fulfil gender roles because of anomalies within the relationship, and those with reading disability! Say... didn't Dick Smith have a reading disability...Oh out of three ain't bad!

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